The pain that came in three weeks after the trade, why did “Post Lee Jung-hoo” endure and run? “I saw fans cheering for me.”

For Lee Ju-hyung (22-Keum Heroes), who was happy to play every day, the pain came out of nowhere. It happened about three weeks after he was traded from the LG Twins. But the prospect, who had managed just 19 at-bats in 14 first-team games over three years, was desperate for a chance. The club responded to the need by shuffling the designated hitter spots, and it worked out for the best.토토사이트

At the 2023 Heroes charity event held at a cafe in Magok-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul on March 3, Lee explained why he played through his early injury, saying, “I saw fans supporting me. It was my first time playing as a starter in front of so many fans, and most players play with some level of injury, so I told them I wanted to keep going,” he said, sharing the story behind his breakout 2023 season.

July 29 marked a turning point in Lee’s life. Lee was traded to Kiwoom in exchange for Kim Dong-gyu (19-LG 2023 2R) and a first-round draft pick in 2024 for Choi Won-tae (26). It came three years after Lee was drafted by LG in the second round, 13th overall, in 2020, after graduating from Song Soo-cho (Haeundae Taetl)-Centum Middle-Gyeongnam High School.

His thigh was not good enough to play the last eight games of the season as a designated hitter. However, Lee’s 51 games and 227 at-bats in Kiwoom were an invaluable experience that he wouldn’t trade for anything. It calmed my nerves about missing out on a chance to play again, and it also showed me what I need to work on for next season. Most importantly, he was able to talk a lot with Lee Jung-hoo (25), a senior on the first team who is about to enter the major leagues.

“(Lee) came to the first team at the end of the season and gave me a lot of support from the bench, and he told me about his approach at the plate and his mindset against pitchers. When I put it into practice in the game, it led to good results, so I realized that people who are good at baseball have different thoughts and approaches, and I thought I should build on this and make something of my own,” Lee explained.

Despite playing through injuries, Lee batted .330 (66-for-200) with six home runs, 34 RBIs, 30 runs scored, three doubles, a .396 on-base percentage, a .515 slugging percentage, and a .911 OPS in 51 games for Kiwoom. He was second on the team in batting average and first in home runs, RBIs, and total bases over the same period, filling in perfectly for Lee Jung-hoo’s injury absence. Kiwoom got the post-Lee Jung-hoo because Lee was a top military prospect who was discharged in February of this year.

Lee’s desire to play has created an unexpected positive synergy. According to Kiwoom officials, Lee’s eagerness to play motivated the younger players and gave him a reason to integrate into the Heroes quickly. “When I first joined the team, I was in too much of a hurry,” Lee said. I didn’t have a good start and struck out a lot,” he says, “but I was lucky with the results. If I hadn’t gotten the results, I would have been criticized and watched more closely, and it would have been hard to adapt, but I was fortunate that I had a lot of teammates and everyone supported me, so I was able to adapt quickly,” he smiles.

Although Lee has already shown what he is capable of with his fiery long balls that come from his high bat speed, he promises to do more, saying, “I haven’t shown the fans what I have this year.” He is currently undergoing recovery training.

Lee is currently undergoing recovery training, and as soon as he feels better, he plans to focus on strengthening his stamina while also working on his technique. “This year, my thigh was not good, so I was not able to play actively in stealing or defense. I could have done better, but I couldn’t because of my injury, so I felt the need to train with weights and take care of my body.” “Next year, I want to hit .300, double-digit home runs, and 20 stolen bases. I want to play 144 games while playing snowball and aggressive baseball that I didn’t show this year,” he said.

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