Director Klinsmann’s speech calling for Son Jun-ho’s release? China’s Foreign Ministry “Disposed to the Law”

China has responded to South Korean men’s national soccer team coach Jürgen Klinsmann’s call for the release of Son Jun-ho (Shandong Taishan), saying it is “dealing with it according to the law.

In a regular briefing on Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ma Ning responded to Klinsmann’s comments about wanting Son to be released, saying, “The relevant party (Son) was arrested in accordance with the law for soliciting a non-state worker (official).” “The specific progress of the case can be checked by the relevant sectors in China,” Ma said.

“China is a country of the rule of law,” Ma said, adding that “we are handling the case in strict accordance with the law, and likewise guaranteeing the various legitimate rights and interests of the parties in accordance with the law.”레모나토토

Son Jun-ho, a South Korean international midfielder who plays for Chinese professional soccer club Shandong Taishan, was detained at Hongqiao Airport in May while returning home with his family, and was subsequently placed under criminal detention (temporary restraint), which was converted to a criminal investigation in June and has been under investigation by the Public Security Bureau ever since.

Some Chinese media outlets have reported that he may have been involved in a bribery or match-fixing case involving former Shandong coach Hao Wei.

On December 22, Klinsmann tweeted, “I hope the Chinese government will release him as soon as possible so that he can reunite with his family, as the charges against him are still pending. I hope he can spend Christmas with his family.”

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