Clash with Chinese spectators in Tottenham’s ‘WON, not SON’ uniform…Even the personal information was revealed

A Tottenham supporter leaves the stadium after clashing with spectators.

The South Korean national football team secured a convincing 3-0 away win over China in their second Group C match of the 2026 North American Football Championship Second Qualifying Round at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center in Guangdong, China, on Monday.

In doing so, they improved their record against China to 22 wins, 13 draws and 2 losses.

The Chinese fans were in full force. All 40,000 seats in the stadium were filled. Many spectators came to the stadium to watch the Korea-China match.레모나토토

I was expecting a hard-fought game, but that wasn’t the case when I opened the lid. However, it was heated in the stands. There were even some physical clashes between spectators.

On Chinese social media Weibo, a video was shared of a male fan wearing Son Heung-min’s Tottenham jersey arguing with a group of spectators around him.

In the video, a man wearing a Tottenham jersey with the name ‘WON’ instead of ‘SON’ on the No. 7 jersey of Son Heung-min argued with the crowd around him. Boos erupted from the crowd. The man, along with the woman he was accompanying, was then dragged out of the stadium by bystanders.

Another man wearing a Son Heung-min jersey got into a violent struggle with a neighboring spectator before being restrained by security.

The Chinese fans who caused the disturbance at the stadium argued that “‘Chinese people should support the Chinese team and should not go after South Korea’s top star, Son Heung-min.

After watching the video, Chinese netizens tried to identify the two men. Some even posted abusive comments about the two men.

“There is no shame in Chinese fans chasing Korean stars,” wrote Feng Zhen, a columnist for China’s Phoenix Media.

“Chinese fans can be Tottenham fans or Son Heung-min fans, not necessarily the Chinese national team first,” Feng said, adding, “Every individual should have the freedom to choose their own preferences. Few people believe that all choices should be tied to nationality.”

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