Even an Italian veteran is ‘shocked’ into illegal gambling investigation… Fourth investigation after Pazoli, Tonali and Janiolo

Italy’s ‘AGi’ reported on Saturday (April 16), “The Turin prosecutor’s investigation that is rocking Italian soccer is expanding. A new name has joined Niccolo Zaniolo, Sandro Tonali and Niccolo Fazzoli on the list of suspects in the police’s soccer betting probe. It is defender Alejandro Florenzi, 32,” the report said.

Florenzi is the fourth suspect named. The illegal betting investigation began with Juventus midfielder Pazzoli, followed by Zaniolo and Tonali. They initially stated that they “played blackjack, poker, etc.” but later admitted to betting on soccer matches. Tonali, in particular, was found to have bet on his former Milan team.레모나토토 주소

Florenzi’s charges are the same as Zaniolo’s. Instead of betting on soccer matches, he allegedly gambled on games like blackjack and poker. However, it’s against the rules for all professional soccer players to gamble in any way, shape, or form. Poker is no exception.

Zaniolo has always maintained that he never bet on soccer. “He answered all the questions and made his position clear,” said his defense attorney. Regarding the speculation that he bet on soccer matches, no evidence has been produced.”

Florenzi is also expected to appear before prosecutors for questioning in the near future. If he can prove that he did not bet on soccer, his punishment will likely be a fine.

Pazzoli and Tonali, who admitted to illegally betting on soccer, received severe penalties. First, Pazzoli received a seven-month ban and five months of rehabilitation and community service. Tonali received a harsher punishment than Pazzoli, with a 10-month suspension and eight months of rehabilitation.Both players received a “plea bargain” (polyvalent) that reduced their sentences in exchange for cooperating and testifying in the investigation. In Italy, the minimum suspension for illegal betting on soccer is three years.

Florenzi is a veteran player with a much longer career than the previous three. He played for AS Roma for a long time, and has been with Milan since his loan spell in 2021. He has 49 caps for the Italian national team.

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