“I can’t go down.” Gangwon, Daejeon, and revival


Gangwon, battling at the bottom of the Korean professional soccer league, K League One, has won its sixth game in a row.

Kangwon, 11th in the Final B, moved to within four points of last-place Suwon and increased their chances of qualifying for the relegation playoffs.굿모닝토토


Against Daejeon, who had been confirmed to stay in the first division, Kangwon showed what desperation is all about.

Even with a teammate down in front of the goal, they attacked tirelessly with Yoo In-su and foreign striker Wellington.

Early in the second half, Wellington rattled the net with a right-footed shot, only to be ruled offside.

Kangwon’s desperation bore fruit in the 24th minute of the second half at the feet of Kim Dae-won.

Yoo In-soo drove down the flank and slipped a pass to Lee Jung-hyeop, who slotted the ball home for Kim Dae-won to finish.

Even after scoring the goal, all Kim Dae-won could think about was victory.

[“Gather, gather, gather!”]

[“We have to focus, we have to focus!”]

After the thrilling 1-0 victory, the players and coach Yoon embraced each other, and the Gangwon fans’ eyes turned red.

With their first valuable win in nearly two months, Gangwon moved four points clear of last-place Suwon and out of direct relegation danger.

A round of applause for Jeju’s Yoo Yoo-soo, who wore the number 31 in the 31st minute of the game between Jeju and Seoul.

After being hit by a drunk driver last October and diagnosed as a paraplegic, Yoo Yeon-soo said goodbye to the field with a retirement ceremony at home.

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