What are you saying… 英 Journalist Says “Manchester United Should Have A Less Attractive Coach”

A local British journalist recommends an unconventional candidate for Manchester United manager.

On the 1st (Korea time), Ian Ladyman, a reporter for the British media outlet The Daily Mail, shared his views on the Manchester United manager.

Things have not been looking good for United lately. At the beginning of the season, the feud between Sancho and manager Eric ten Hagg was made public, and the team has been struggling to build a strong team due to a series of injuries. After the 0-3 Manchester derby defeat, it was reported that the players were unhappy with Van Gaal’s tactics.레모나토토

Journalist Ian Ladyman gave his views on a podcast. When co-host Chris Sutton suggested current Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone for the job, Ladyman expressed skepticism and offered a different option.

“I think Simeone will be a great manager for United for about a month,” he said, “He’ll come in and win the first few games with a bang. But then it will be back to square one.”

Ladyman had an unconventional suggestion. Normally, a manager with a storied career would be considered for a big club like United. “I’m going to make a slightly less glamorous offer. “I’m going to make a slightly less glamorous offer: Brentford manager Thomas Frank,” he says. “I know United fans will say, ‘Don’t be ridiculous,’ but why is that ridiculous? But why is that ridiculous?” he said.

“Is Roberto De Jervi funny at Brighton and Hove Albion? Is there a problem with big clubs bringing in small club managers? It’s just that they don’t hire small club managers because they don’t think it’s cool,” he continued.

Reporter Ladyman gave another example. He mentioned Mr. Porter. Porter was a small team manager who went on to manage big clubs. He managed Brighton before being sacked about seven months after taking over at Chelsea.

“Chelsea tried Porter and it didn’t work,” said Ladyman. I firmly believe that Chelsea would have been successful if they hadn’t sacked Porter,” Ladyman said, adding that “there is snobbery in the Premier League.”

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