‘K-League 1 2nd consecutive loss’ Ulsan, ‘certified’ as leading club… The first 300,000 spectators, greater joy than winning → Transformation of 10 billion won in marketing sales

 Box office success and performance are one thing. No matter how good your performance is, if you don’t have fans, you’re in trouble.

At one time, the K League was divided between Suwon Samsung and FC Seoul. A ‘pleasant war’ took place for the top spot in the K-League. The explosive power of the metropolitan area was great. This is why the match between the two teams was named ‘Super Match’. However, the momentum of both teams was broken due to the front office’s ‘failure’. It is a sad reality that two teams are in the final B, ranked 7th to 12th.

After the ‘Super Match’ lost its power, Jeonbuk Hyundai established itself as a major player. Riding the wave of the K-League’s 5th consecutive loss, the number of fans also increased explosively. There were many exciting matches such as ‘Hyundai Derby (Jeonbuk-Ulsan)’ and ‘Legendary Match (Jeonbuk-Seoul)’. But nothing lasts forever. Jeonbuk Province is also going downhill.

Ulsan Hyundai took over the baton of the trend. The leading team in the K League in 2023 is Ulsan. Ulsan, who shook off the sorrow of being in second place last year and won for the first time in 17 years, reached the milestone of their first ever two-game losing streak early on the 29th. There are three more games left, but no team can surpass Ulsan.

A value greater than that of a champion was also realized. A ‘small miracle’ occurred in Ulsan, a city with 1.1 million citizens. It exceeded 300,000 spectators in the first single season after its founding. Ulsan recorded 300,406 on the 29th, its second consecutive loss. The average audience per game is 17,670. The only club that attracted more spectators than Ulsan was FC Seoul. FC Seoul has a ‘premium’ based in the capital, Seoul. FC Seoul’s average attendance this season is 21,890, and the cumulative attendance is 394,022.

Ulsan celebrates its 40th anniversary this year. Since the introduction of paid audience counting in 2018, the highest number of spectators in a season was 184,148 in 2019. Last year, when it finally reached the top, the number was 166,114. In just one year, a sea change was made. There is a reason. Emphasis was placed on stadium innovation.

After about a year of preparation, Ulsan won the right to operate the stadium concessions from the Ulsan Facilities Corporation. It was not easy to attract due to the short business days, but after persuasion after persuasion, we attracted 4 franchise brands and also embraced Ulsan City’s social enterprise ‘Whale Tteokbang’. Ulsan’s ‘goods store’ and 10 food and beverage stores, including chicken, cafes, and snack bars, also danced. As food was added to the attractions and entertainment, the popularity gained momentum.

The target sales for the food and beverage (F&B) business reached KRW 1.44 billion, well over KRW 1 billion even though the season is not over yet. With two more home games remaining, it is expected to exceed 1.5 billion won. A new profit structure was created as approximately 17% of total profits went to the club.

The ‘goods store’ was also a huge success. About 15,000 Ulsan uniforms, released in 8 types this season, were sold. This figure is approximately three times that of last season’s uniform sales. Ulsan recorded 10 billion won in marketing sales alone this season, including ticket sales, F&B, goods, soccer classes, and sponsors. It is also gaining popularity. Ulsan’s home has been transformed into a ‘field trip’ for other clubs.짱구카지노 도메인

In the end, the crowd is the power behind the two-game losing streak. Ulsan coach Hong Myung-bo said, “Whether our players are good or bad, the support of our fans has a great influence on the team. Sometimes they may say bitter things, but we keep that in mind and do not become lazy. We must also study what the fans think.” “We have to do our best for the fans. I feel personally proud as I see the number of fans growing not only in the metropolitan area but also at Munsu Stadium. I think a lot of energy has come here,” he said, smiling. Ulsan Hyundai has opened a new era in which it overcomes the limitations of local clubs.

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