‘I missed it both times’ Pohang, on the verge of an absurd forfeit… ‘talented talent’ born from inexperienced refereeing

A mistake by the Pohang Steelers and the referee’s inexperience led to a major accident. It was not a simple accident, but a ‘human disaster’ that could have been prevented. 

Jeonbuk Hyundai and Pohang Steelers drew 1-1 in the 35th round of Hana One Q K League 1 2023 held at Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 28th. 

As a result, Jeonbuk went undefeated (3 wins, 1 draw) in 4 official games and maintained 4th place with 53 points (16 wins, 7 draws, 13 losses).  

It was a fierce battle. Although there were many chaotic situations, both teams scored on penalty kicks and shared one point each. Jeonbuk scored the first goal with Gustavo’s penalty kick in the 9th minute of the second half, but Pohang also tied the score with Zeka’s penalty kick goal in the 25th minute of the second half. 

Pohang is also disappointing. Second-place Pohang, which has a busy way to go, remained at 60 points (15 wins, 15 draws, 5 losses) and failed to closely catch up with leader Ulsan (67 points), which had played one less game. Thanks to this, Ulsan was able to secure an early victory by beating Daegu on the 29th.

However, the result of the game that the players of both teams worked hard for for 90 minutes may go to waste. This is because Pohang’s mistakes and the referee’s poor management resulted in a major accident.

The problem occurred in the 26th minute of the first half when the two teams were tied 0-0. Pohang brought in Shin Kwang-hoon and brought in Kim Yong-hwan, who suffered an ankle injury. No, I tried to call Yonghwan Kim.

The replacement board held up by the second referee had Kim In-seong’s number 7 written on it, not Kim Yong-hwan’s number 3. Nevertheless, Kim In-seong continued to play, and the referee did not notice this. Kim Yong-hwan, who had already arrived in the vehicle, sat on the bench. Obvious replacement error.

Of course, Kim Yong-hwan was out of the stadium due to injury, but according to official records, he was replaced by Kim Seung-dae in the 32nd minute of the second half. Instead, according to official records, Kim In-seong remained on the pitch for nearly 6 minutes even after being substituted in the 26th minute of the first half.

A chaotic situation continued. The referee explained the problematic situation to Pohang and the game resumed. However, the fact that Kim In-seong, who was officially replaced, continued to roam the stadium is a clear problem.

According to Jeonbuk Club’s explanation, a mistake was made when submitting the replacement ticket at the Pohang bench. It is reported that the staff was confused about the injured player. Moreover, it was only later that the referees, including the second referee, realized that a player with a different jersey number had left the stadium.

Even that was thanks to the Jeonbuk bench first noticing the problem and protesting. If it weren’t for Jeonbuk’s protest, we wouldn’t have even known what was wrong. It was a mistake made by Pohang and the referee.

In the end, Pohang was in danger of suffering an absurd forfeit. According to Article 33, Paragraph 2 of the K-League Game Regulations, if the participation of an ‘unqualified player’ in an official game is discovered during or after the game and an objection is raised by the opposing club within 48 hours after the end of the game, the club in which the ineligible player played This 0-3 is considered a loss.

Since Kim In-seong is a substituted player according to records, he can be considered an ‘unqualified player’. There has already been a precedent in 2021 when Gwangju suffered a somewhat unfair forfeit when the substitute referee made a mistake and violated the replacement rule.

At the time, the Korea Professional Football League stated, “First, Kim Bong-jin, who was brought in as a substitute after Gwangju’s number of player substitutions had been exhausted, was ‘a player who was not eligible to play in the game at that time’ and was therefore an ineligible player as defined in the competition guidelines.” This replacement error can be interpreted as a similar case.

First of all, Jeonbuk is in a position to raise the issue officially. A Jeonbuk official said, “We plan to send a related official letter to the federation and make an official inquiry,” and added, “There is a case where Gwangju also recorded a similar forfeit.” If Jeonbuk’s objection is accepted, the 1-1 draw will turn into Jeonbuk’s 3-0 win.

Of course, Pohang is also responsible. Things started to go wrong at the Pohang bench when they wrote No. 7 Kim In-seong instead of No. 3 Kim Yong-hwan on the replacement paper. Director Kim Ki-dong also admitted that communication did not go smoothly, saying, “Kim Yong-hwan should have been left out, but when we checked, I think we checked Kim In-seong at number 7. And Shin Kwang-hoon came in.”

However, we cannot help but point out the mistakes of the referees. The referees had two opportunities to stop this skit. When Pohang requested the replacement of No. 7 Kim In-seong, this would not have happened even if they had properly checked whether Kim In-seong appeared. The second referee did not notice that number 7 was being replaced, even though he personally held up the replacement board.

Secondly, even when Jeonbuk side complained, the referee’s response did not comply with the regulations. According to Article 33, Paragraph 2 of the K League game regulations, if an ineligible player is discovered during the game, the player will be sent off and the game will continue. However, on this day, referee Kim Young-soo did not issue a red card. If the referee had checked the rules and declared an ejection, Pohang could have avoided the risk of a forfeit.

Coach Kim Ki-dong’s post-game remarks were in the same context. He emphasized, “A player cannot enter the stadium as we intended. If he enters before another player comes out, he is warned. Why would that be? It is the referee’s authority,” and added, “I think the referee or the second referee should have checked unconditionally.”짱구카지노 도메인

The water has already spilled. Pohang unintentionally violated the regulations and may have to pay a painful price. In particular, he is a talent who had two opportunities that the referees could have prevented. In the midst of a fierce battle for rankings at the end of the season, a mistake by the referees put the team at risk of changing its future course.

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