Nastar’s bulk-up training → Soaring slugging percentage, even a huge home run in Jamsil… Kim Do-young, “I will increase my home runs by growing my body more.” 

“We will increase home runs.”

Kim Do-young (20), who has emerged as the leading hitter for the KIA Tigers, showed his determination to increase the number of home runs. He plans to create more batted balls that go over the fence by modifying his batting form and bulking up. 

There were many unfortunate hits this season that hit the fence and did not become home runs. Kim Do-young, who met at the Gwangju-Kia Champions Field, expressed regret, saying, “There were a lot of balls that hit the top of the fence. If all of them had gone over, I would have hit about 13.”

He then expressed his determination, saying, “Coach (Beom-ho Lee) also said that we will skip everything next year. I will also slightly modify my batting form. I will widen my stance a bit and try swinging using my lower body. I will make modifications on my own at APBC and test it in real life.” 

Kim Do-young is in his second year as a member of the team, and as his hitting skills have improved and his body has gained strength, he is hitting big hits more often. He hit just 7 home runs in 85 games and 385 at-bats this year. However, he had many extra-base hits, including 20 doubles and 5 triples. His slugging percentage is .453. He is ranked 4th on the team after Na Seong-beom, Choi Hyeong-woo, and Socrates. 

In particular, in the Jamsil game against Doosan on September 6, he hit a large home run that hit the top left corner of the stands against Kwak Bin in the top of the 4th inning. He was 130m tall. Although it hit the right swing spot, it was a home run that showed Kim Do-young’s unusual power. He has shown he has the ability to be a long-distance hitter. 

The reason he gained strength was his senior Na Seong-beom. He left the team due to injury just two games after the opening and underwent rehabilitation together for over two months. Na Seong-beom, who boasts a sturdy physique, is a bulking expert. KIA players who joined free agency last year and watched Na Seong-beom’s training at spring camp were left speechless. The amount and intensity of weight training was beyond my imagination. 

Kim Do-young stayed with Na Seong-beom every day at the Hampyeong training center for over 80 days. He followed the training exactly. Na Seong-beom also taught me how to do weight training. After training for over two months, his body grew significantly. Last year, his slugging percentage was only .306 and 2.0%, but this year he raised it to nearly 100%. So his off-season goal is also to bulk up. 

“I will train the same way as I did this year. I need to do more. I learned how to get bigger from my senior. I plan to try to do more in the off-season. There is no problem with running just because my body is bigger. My senior also plays well with his bigger body. It’s not just about heavy training. “I also do Pilates,” he said with a laugh.먹튀검증 

KIA hit 101 home runs this year. It is ranked 2nd after SSG (125), which ranked 1st. Socrates had the most home runs with 20. Na Seong-beom (18) and Choi Hyeong-woo (17) followed. Next year, we need to increase our slugging ability, including home runs. If Kim Do-young hits close to 20 home runs, it will be a huge success. I am already curious about the 2024 season of Kim Do-young, who declared himself a long-distance hitter.

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