‘Wonder goal bang!’ in front of Hwang In-beom → Lee Kang-in + Emery, even ‘this player’… PSG’s midfield future is ‘bright’

The future of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG)’s midfield is shining brightly. Following Lee Kang-in and 17-year-old midfielder Warren Jair-Emiri, even Dutch top prospect Xavi Simmons has exploded with potential.

Simmons recorded one goal and one assist in the third match of the UEFA Champions League Group G against Crvena Zvezda held at the Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Germany on the 26th (Korean time), leading to a 3-1 victory. took the lead in collecting

Simmons, a midfielder from the Netherlands born in 2003, grew up in the youth team of the prestigious Spanish club Barcelona and made his professional debut after moving to the youth team of PSG. Since his childhood, he has attracted a lot of attention by sharing the same name as Barcelona legend Xavi Hernández, and his skills have been evaluated as outstanding enough to be called a soccer prodigy.

Simmons, who made his first-team debut in the 2021/22 season when he was only 18 years old, showed slower growth than expected. He failed to show an impressive performance and was unable to overcome the physical challenges of the adult stage that many prospects face. Eventually, at the end of the season, he left PSG and transferred to Saint Hoban, a prestigious club in his country’s league, PSV.

PSV literally bombed the league. Even though he is a central midfielder, he showed off his goal-scoring ability, scoring 19 goals in the league last season and becoming the top scorer. He appeared in a total of 48 games in the season, scoring 22 goals and providing 12 assists, putting everything in order within his first season in the Dutch league.

As Simmons showed remarkable growth at PSV, PSG pushed to recruit him again. While the Premier League’s Manchester United and Arsenal, as well as Serie A’s Juventus, also showed interest, PSG activated the buyback clause and re-signed Simmons for just 6 million euros (8.6 billion won).

Afterwards, instead of playing for PSG right away, he went on loan to Leipzig. The plan was to send him to a place where he could have regular playing opportunities, grow him, and then prepare for the future.

PSG’s judgment was correct. Simmons has risen to become a starting player after being loaned to Leipzig. In his debut game, the DFL-Super Cup against Bayern Munich, he started and led the team to victory.

Simmons, who later played as an ace in the league by recording 3 goals and 4 assists, continued his momentum by scoring 1 goal and 1 assist in the match against Zvezda, a team belonging to Hwang In-beom, on the 26th. In particular, he scored a wonder goal in front of Hwang In-beom, completely blowing Hwang In-beom’s spirit.

In the 12th minute of the first half, Simmons found fullback Raum rushing into the box and made a penetrating pass. Faced with a one-on-one situation with the goalkeeper, Raum’s shot passed between the goalkeeper’s legs, leading to Leipzig’s first goal.

In the 14th minute of the second half, he scored a wonder goal by hitting a powerful right-footed mid-distance shot with Hwang In-beom in front and it went straight into the goal. In-Beom Hwang tried to block the shooting angle, but Simmons’ shooting timing was so fast that he was helpless. The trajectory was exquisite, so even the goalkeeper couldn’t do anything about it.

The local media continued to praise Simmons, who led Leipzig’s victory.

Spanish AS said, “Simmons is the clear leader of Leipzig. He took a leap forward after joining Leipzig from PSG,” and added, “The market value has already soared to 70 million euros (about 100.2 billion won). A year later, he will move to PSG. “I’m coming back,” he said, highlighting Simmons’ growth. He continued, “Simmons will be the future of PSG,” and predicted that he will return to PSG next season and become the core of the midfield.

Currently, PSG has 17-year-old midfielder Jair-Emery, raising his stock price. In the game against AC Milan held on the same day, he assisted the goals of Kylian Mbappe and Lee Kang-in and was selected as the best player of the match. Even though he is five years younger than Lee Kang-in, he is a future resource that PSG cherishes, and there is even talk of renewing his contract, making him a player with a guaranteed future.

Lee Kang-in, who joined PSG this summer, is also a multi-player who can play both the wing and the center. He scored his debut goal against Milan, and his bright future can be envisioned. If Jair-Emerie Lee Kang-in solidifies his position as a central midfielder and Simmons returns next year, PSG will have the brightest future midfield resources in Europe.카지노사이트

Although there is still a lot of time left, we are already looking forward to the golden midfield triangle consisting of Simmons, Lee Kang-in, and Jair-Emery.

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