Super team vs franchise, who will win the NBA this season?

For some time now, so-called ‘super teams’ have been emerging as a trend in the NBA. As can be seen from Indiana Pacers legend Reggie Miller’s saying, “A king does not abandon his kingdom,” until the 2000s, players who grew up or enjoyed their prime on their debut team or the team in which they reached their peak rarely changed teams. didn’t

Winning was important, but he also valued his honor as the team’s franchise star. Therefore, it was very rare for the leading stars of each team to come together to form a super team. Of course, teams called super teams were created once in a while. However, most of the cases were veterans who were past their prime or who tried their best and made changes in their teams.

Therefore, even if a star with a high reputation went to another team, he or she would often be moved with the support of the fans of his/her team. Representative examples include Portland Trail Blazers’ ‘Glider’ Clyde Drexler and Minnesota Timberwolves’ ‘Lone Wolf’ Kevin Garnett. For this reason, even when a super team was completed, in most cases, although the name value was high, it was not overwhelming in terms of power.

Drexler spent his later years with Hakeem Olajuwon, and Garnett spent his final years with Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, ending his career with a happy ending. In the case of the ‘basketball emperor’ Michael Jordan, it took a considerable amount of time to improve his team’s strength and overcome the wall of his archrival, the Detroit Pistons. If he had a super team mentality, he might have shortened the time it took him to win.

However, there is a high possibility that there will be a crack in the hero story that many people look up to him. This is because the part where he wrote about his growth story while overcoming hardships and adversity in the place where he debuted is completely omitted. It is evaluated that the historic rivalry between Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, who were responsible for the popularity of the NBA before Jordan, was possible because it was a match between figures representing the LA Lakers and Boston Celtics, respectively.

Of course, it is true that this franchise-centered culture has declined significantly in recent years. It has been a long time since it became unusual for someone to leave the team they grew up in for reasons such as winning a championship. You can also find quite a few selfish players who ruin the atmosphere by making a fuss about leaving the team before their contract period has even ended.

Some stars have been reduced to images of wanderers and journeymen due to too frequent transfers. Representative players are Kevin Durant (34‧208cm), James Harden (34‧196cm), and Russell Westbrook (35‧191cm). The three were once together for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Given that they are the type that exerts more power when they are the center and lead the attack, it is not likely that they will be fully united at their prime.

However, it is rare in history for a lineup like this to be prepared through a pure draft rather than a trade or free agency. The three were once ace-level players representing the league, and as proof of this, they all received the regular season MVP award. It is evaluated that if they had been able to join together in Oklahoma City, a franchise dynasty comparable to that of the Golden State Warriors would have been possible.

The current situation of the three, who have played in several teams, is slightly different. It is true that they belong to a super team, but it will take some season to know what direction their fate will take. The one in the best mood is Durant of the Phoenix Suns. While Devin Booker (27‧196cm), who has solidified his name as one of the league’s leading scoring machines, is at the peak of his form, Bradley Beal (30‧193cm) has joined through a trade.

They are called the Triple Four, including Durant, and since they are players who can score more than 20 points, there is a high possibility that the team facing Phoenix will have great difficulties on defense. In the case of Westbrook, he joined the LA Clippers after the trade deadline last season. The Clippers have a one-two punch with forwards Kawhi Leonard (32‧201cm) and Paul George (33‧203cm).

From Westbrook’s perspective, all he has to do is relieve their burden by attacking with his unique energy level. This is a team that was called a championship candidate even before he joined, so it can be expected to be a super team. The problem is health. Leonard and George have been suffering from major and minor injuries recently. No matter how sharp your sword is, if you cannot use it, it is worse than a rusty sword. This is why it is difficult to predict the Clippers’ power.

Harden has been called ‘Mr. Difficult Hair’ among fans for some time. They are moving around looking for super teams to win the championship, but if they don’t like them, they are ruthlessly demanding a trade even during the season, ruining the team atmosphere. Even though he formed a super team with the Brooklyn Nets with Kyrie Irving and Durant, he was unable to operate at full capacity, and his current team, the Philadelphia 76ers, also created a super team that was broken due to a disagreement with the general manager.

It will be a delight for other teams who were fearful of the combination of Harden and Joel Embiid (29‧213cm), one of the league’s best centers and last season’s regular league MVP. Harden may be expressing his anger because he feels disappointed with the club, but publicly criticizing the general manager and requesting a trade does not benefit the team or himself. Since he is quite old, if he just spends time like this, there is a high possibility that the championship title he wants will become further and further away.

The Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics also cannot be left out of the ranks of super teams. It was originally a candidate for the championship, but its power became stronger due to the addition of All-Star players. Milwaukee has Giannis Antetokounmpo (29‧211cm) and former Portland Ace Damian Lillard (33‧187cm). If Antetokounmpo runs wild like an animal and destroys the opponent’s goal, and Lillard participates in the bombardment from the outside with deep threes and logo shots, it will not be easy for any solid defense to handle it.

Boston has a new solid lock in Jrue Holiday. One of the best guard position defenders in the NBA has joined Jayson Tatum (25‧203cm) and Jaylen Brown (27‧196.2cm), both offensive and defensive wingers. In the case of Phoenix and Milwaukee, the reinforcement of firepower is noticeable, while Boston’s defense has become more solid.

The Lakers are evaluated as a ‘silent super team.’ The one-two punch of LeBron James (39‧206cm) and Anthony Davis (30‧208cm) is top-tier in the league in terms of name value alone, but considering LeBron’s age, it is difficult to view it as a complete team. However, the rich player base makes up for this.

Ahead of this season, a large-scale reinforcement of players added to the team’s depth, including D’Angelo Russell, Austin Reeves, and Rui Hachimura, who have become key players since last season. With the reinforcement of key members such as Christian Wood (28‧208cm), Gabe Vincent (27‧191cm), Cam Reddish (24‧201cm), Torin Prince (29‧198cm), and Jackson Hayes (23‧211cm), various strategies and I’m looking forward to the card.

Franchise-focused teams competing against these super teams include the Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors. The team is led by top franchise stars Nikola Jokic (28‧211cm) and Stephen Curry (35‧188cm), respectively, and they are evaluated as having the strength to compete with any super team in terms of organizational power and team atmosphere.온라인카지노

In fact, the two teams are champions from last season and the season before. The two teams proved that no matter how successful a super team is, the power of a franchise that has been working together for a long time is no less powerful. Watching which of the recent popular super teams and franchise-centered romantic teams will win the championship this season is expected to be another fun part of enjoying the NBA.

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