‘Failure to advance to European competition’ became medicine for Tottenham… “Honestly, it helped me a lot.”

Yu-cheol] Dejan Kulusevski said that not participating in European competitions actually helped him.

Last season, Tottenham Hotspur performed poorly. Entering the second year under coach Antonio Conte, the goal was to win the championship, but the reality was cold. They were eliminated from all cup competitions and were confirmed to be no match, and in the league, they remained in 8th place, thwarting their ability to advance to European competition.

It was humiliating for Tottenham. ‘London rival’ Arsenal competed fiercely with Manchester City for the title, and other teams that make up the Big 6, including Liverpool and Manchester United, also advanced to European competitions. Even Aston Villa and Brighton ranked higher than Tottenham and qualified for the European competition.

Of course, it cannot be said that participating in European competitions is necessarily a good thing. However, advancing to the European competition itself not only provides ‘profitable’ benefits, but also provides another breakthrough to escape from being irrelevant. In that respect, Tottenham’s performance last season was bound to be even more disappointing.온라인카지노

However, looking at their actions this season, it can be said that not participating in European competitions actually helped them. Currently, Tottenham is in first place in the league, remaining undefeated in 9 league games. Compared to rival teams who have to schedule their schedules during the week, the team is having an easier schedule, making it easier to manage the players’ condition. Since the squad depth is not very thick, a more efficient rotation can be run.

The players were feeling this too. Kulusevski, who is considered Tottenham’s ‘unsung hero’ this season, said that not playing in European competitions has helped a lot. According to the British outlet Evening Standard, he said: “It definitely is. Everyone can feel the difference. At the end of the season, hopefully we’ll see more of it. Honestly, it helps a lot. Last season I did 3 a week. “I played the game, and I remember it was physically difficult. There were times when I felt tired during the warm-up,” he said.

“It also helps me mentally not having to go to Spain or Italy to play. Spending time at home with my family gives me a mental break. We have a huge advantage and we are taking advantage of it this year. “It has to be done,” he added.

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