“My shoulders are uncertain… ” Rumors of retirement for Dodgers legend with 210 wins rises, one-two punch with Ohtani ‘crisis of failure’

 “My shoulder is uncertain… ”

Rumors of the retirement of LA Dodgers legend Clayton Kershaw (35), who won 210 games, have rapidly risen. Kershaw played very well this season, ranking second only in the Dodgers franchise’s most wins after Don Sutton (233 wins). He went 13-5 in 24 games, with an earned run average of 2.45, a hitting percentage of 0.209, and a WHIP of 1.06 in 131⅔ innings.

Starting in 2020, when COVID-19 arrived in earnest, 140 innings per year will not be completed. This year, I also had chronic back and shoulder issues. Even if there is no gap that is enough to take an entire year off, it is impossible to avoid being on the injured list every year. Due to durability issues, the team continues to play with the Dodgers for another year.

However, he truly made dark history in the postseason this year. Upon starting Game 1 of the National League Division Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks, he allowed five runs on five hits and silenced Dodger Stadium. It was the first disgrace in Major League postseason history.

In the end, Kershaw became the losing pitcher with 6 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, and 6 runs in ⅓ innings. In 39 postseason games (32 starting games), he has 13 wins, 13 losses, and an average ERA of 4.49. Although he was legendary in the regular season, he was unable to overcome his weaknesses that diminished in the postseason.

As the Dodgers collapsed, Kershaw’s revenge became unpredictable. And he was once again embroiled in retirement rumors. The Athletic reported on the 13th (hereinafter Korean time), “Kershaw is unable to make a decision about his future. He said the decision would take longer than it did a year ago when a one-year contract was quickly agreed.

It also hurts my shoulders. After his shoulder injury, Kershaw’s fastball speed dropped further. The Athletic said, “He will make a decision between returning to the Dodgers, going to his hometown Texas, or retiring. But the uncertain condition of his shoulder complicates the situation. He is considering additional shoulder tests. “This led to a decrease in speed and command in Game 1 of the division series against Arizona.” The nuance is that there is a possibility of retirement. 

Regardless of the Kershaw variable, the Dodgers paid a high price to reaffirm that they desperately need to strengthen their starting lineup. In any case, if Kershaw takes off his uniform like this, Dodgers fans may not be able to see the one-two punch of Kershaw and Ohtani. The Dodgers must recruit Ohtani this winter, and Kershaw must play until 2025 so that the Dodgers can see Kershaw and Ohtani play together in the starting rotation.토토사이트

Meanwhile, The Athletic argued that the Dodgers should sign free agent starting pitchers Yoshinobuna Yamamoto or Blake Snell. 

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