‘AG金 Military Exemption’ Seol Young-woo’s heavy-handed slap “(Kim) Min-joon-ah, do your best in the military!”

After winning gold at the Asian Games, Seol Young-woo, 25, of Ulsan, South Korea, was brighter than ever. There was a reason.

Joining Hwang Sun-hong as a wild card, the senior helped South Korea win its third straight Asian Games soccer title. Back-to-back goals from Jung Woo-young and Cho Young-wook gave South Korea a 2-1 victory over archrival Japan in the final.

Jung Woo-young showed up to the national team’s muster on the 9th with the gold medal, pointing to the number 8 on his finger to congratulate himself on becoming the “top scorer with eight goals. Seol Young-woo, Lee Kang-in, and Hong Hyun-seok also won titles but did not bring home gold. “The gold medal was in my bag, but I couldn’t find it,” said Seol Young-woo.

Baek Seung-ho, Seol Young-woo, and others who were scheduled to enlist in the army in December were exempted from military service due to their Asian Games gold medals. Gimcheon Sangmu’s Cho “Corporal” Young-wook will be transferred early. Gimcheon Sangmu is facing a huge loss of strength for the time being. “As Korea kept winning, I lost contact with my teammates,” said Cho.

Seol Young-woo described the value of the gold medal as “a billion won”. It wasn’t simply a calculation of his salary for not joining the military.

In May, Kim Min-jun (23, Gimcheon Sangmu) named Ulsan’s Seol Young-woo as the player he wanted to succeed him. He said, “I want Seol Young-woo to succeed me. He’s my favorite senior who made fun of me the most when I applied for military enlistment. I hope he will come under me,” he said.

Seol Young-woo, who almost had his two-year-old junior as a senior, was saved by winning the gold medal. “Minjoon kept talking about it,” Seol said. Before I won and went up to the podium, I made a video call to him. I told him to do his best in the military,” he said, adding that he was very happy.

With his handsome face and all-around soccer skills, Seol Young-woo is a player whose popularity has skyrocketed. “Actually, I didn’t do anything except participate in the Asian Games. I don’t think my popularity has increased. I’m just happy that I won. I had very little stake in the win. About 5%,” he said with humility.카지노사이트

He was a senior at the Asian Games, but now he is the youngest member of the A team. Seol is looking to prove his worth as an all-around fullback. “Competition is the same everywhere,” he said. You can only become a better player by earning a starting spot in the national team. I will use my skills to establish myself as a starter,” he said, throwing down the gauntlet to his older brothers.

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