2012→2018→2023…’Military Service Benefit’ Korea-Japan War Wins Again!

London 2012 bronze medal over Japan
Jakarta-Palembang AG 2018, gold over Japan

Korea-Japan game with military service benefits. It’s hard to beat Japan at rock, paper, scissors, but when military service benefits are on the line, Korean athletes have to be extra determined. Recently, the Taegeuk Warriors won a cool victory against Japan for military service benefits. At the London 2012 Olympics, Hong Myung-bok won the bronze medal with a 2-0 victory over Japan, and at the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, Kim Hak-beom-ho stood atop the podium after defeating Japan 2-1 in the final.

The so-called “military spirit” can be seen as an energy that can only come from South Korean leaders. Athletes are committed to winning, and they do their best to do so in order to receive the benefits of military service. Of course, the outcome is unknown. However, when the teams are evenly matched, the team with the better mental strength has a better chance of winning. It’s no coincidence that South Korea won the Korea-Japan match over military service benefits.

Now, Hwang Sun-hong will play another important match against Japan. On July 7, he will face his arch-enemy Japan for the gold medal at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. It’s been a long road. They got off to a great start with a strong showing in the group stage of the tournament, and they’ve been steady all the way to the final. With just one more game to go, he’ll take home the gold medal along with military service benefits. His opponent is Japan.

They have the advantage in objective power. Hwang Sun-hong-ho has assembled his most elite squad for the gold medal. He picked the most fit players in the under-24 age group and filled all three of the over-24 wildcards. Baek Seung-ho, Park Jin-seop, and Seol Young-woo were called up to strengthen the attack, midfield, and defense. Europeans Lee Kang-in, Jeong Woo-young, and Hong Hyun-seok were also added to the roster to create a top-notch squad. The Taegeuk Warriors are a step above the Japanese in terms of individual skill and experience.

Japan’s squad is made up of players under the age of 22. They are younger than their Korean counterparts. They also have less international experience. There are eight collegiate players on the roster, and the team is dominated by J-League players. But it’s not all bad. They made it to the finals with good organization based on the fine passing that is unique to Japanese soccer. They are determined to avenge their 1-2 loss in the final of the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games.카지노사이트

They can’t let their guard down. We need a win. The memories of Park Joo-young and Koo Ja-cheol in the third-place game at the London Olympics 11 years ago and Lee Seung-woo and Hwang Hee-chan in the final of the Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games five years ago are still fresh in our minds as they sang victory songs after scoring stunning goals. We just need to win again this time. If we are confident and play at full strength, we can win the game. We are just one step away.

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