“I’m giving it my all” A promise to fans that the 38-year-old veteran kept for 78 games. Korean Series emotional promise: “I’ll throw if my arm falls off”

Busan Sajik Stadium on the 5th. Before the game against the Lotte Giants, LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop revealed that Kim Jin-sung plans to make his final appearance of the regular season in a hold situation.

With one more hold, he will reach 100 career holds. He said that he would prepare for the Korean Series with 100 holds this year.

In the seventh inning, with the score 5-1, he pitched after Im Chan-kyu. It was a hold situation, and if they gave up another run, they could be chased.

Kim Jin-seong faced Jeon Jun-woo in the fourth inning. He was 1-for-4 this season with a home run. But he also struck out one and got a walk. It was a close game. After inducing a false swing with a forkball in the first inning, Kim lined a 141-mph fastball outside for a rocking strike in the second. With a favorable count of 2S, a third forked ball became a ground ball. He throws 4 and 5 pitches in a row that are dropped forks, but Jeon Jun-woo picks them up and fouls them off. The 6th pitch, a high fastball, is also foul. The seventh pitch was a forked ball that fell outside, and he struck out swinging.

With a big mountain to climb, Jin-sung Kim matched up with Yoo Kang-nam, who worked together as pitcher and catcher last year, and after getting a strike with a forkball on the body in the first pitch, he induced a ground ball in front of the shortstop with a 143-kilometer fastball in the second pitch to get out of the biggest jam.

It was his 21st hold of the season and 100th of his career.

After getting over the hump thanks to Kim Jin-sung, LG gave up two runs in the bottom of the ninth, but eventually survived the final threat and won 5-3.

Kim Jin-sung, who became a free agent after last season, signed a two-year contract with LG for a total of 700 million won, but this year he raised his stock as a value free agent.

He appeared in 78 games, the most of any pitcher in the 10 clubs. His innings pitched were 68⅓ innings, which is not much compared to the number of games, but he fulfilled his duties by pitching whenever the team needed him.

With a 5-51 record, three saves, and 21 shutouts, and a 2.24 ERA, he is one of the most reliable pitchers in a sudden-death situation because he warms up quickly, has experience, and has a powerful weapon: his forkball. Recently, after Ko Woo-seok’s departure to Hangzhou, the younger pitchers faltered in the closer’s role and he was able to pick up saves.

Last year, he pitched a total of 145 games in two years with LG, posting an 11-4 record, three saves, 33 holds, and a 2.64 ERA.

He pitched the most games and logged the most innings of any LG pitcher in both years with 126⅓ innings. He was an indispensable relief pitcher for LG.

After the game, Kim Jin-sung said, “First of all, I’m happy that I was able to protect Chankyu’s victory, and I’m also happy that I reached the milestone of 100 holds,” adding, “I had a hard time getting to 100 holds. It’s good to know that I’ve proven what I can prove this season. I’ve had a lot of support from my teammates, coaching staff, and others along the way. I feel like I was able to achieve the record because of everyone’s help. I’m grateful,” she said.

After throwing so much, he still has an arm left to throw. “It means a lot to me that I was able to fulfill my promise to the fans to dedicate my body to them. First of all, winning the regular season is a little bit like keeping a promise to the fans,” he said, adding, “I will throw as hard as I can so that we can win the Korean Series.” Having pitched in the Korean Series as a set-up man in 2020 with the NC Dinos, he will be a great help to LG’s young pitchers.메이저사이트

Kim Jin-sung said, “I feel like I can endure the hardships because I have fans who always support me. I will do my best to prepare so that I can smile at the end,” he said.

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