‘Quarterfinal opponent’ China was ‘pierced on all sides’ by Huang Shenhong as it entered Hangzhou, and gave up its training grounds to ‘weak’ security

This is enough to “expose” the power.

At the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games, it’s up to the Asian Games Organizing Committee to decide where to train. In Jinhua, where the team played the group stage and the round of 16, they rotated between four training venues. While the team can choose the time zone, they don’t have the “right” to choose the training ground.

Huang Sunhong’s first training session after arriving in Hangzhou was at the Huanglong Sports Center Auxiliary Stadium on the 29th. The gates are firmly closed, but security is not tight. There’s a security check at the entrance, but that doesn’t stop the national team from training.카지노사이트

You can even watch them train through the fences. You can even go outside the entrance and look around the stadium to see the training. Of course, due to the distance from the stadium, you won’t be able to get a clear view of all the drills, but you can still see them if you want to.

Exposure of power is an important “issue” in head-to-head matches between national teams, especially in international competitions. They’ll be checking each other out. Next to the auxiliary stadium are the gymnastics and swimming venues. Officials and passersby can watch as they walk by. There is no control from the outside either.

There was a security guard in front of the cage, but he didn’t do anything. Passersby asked “Are you the Korean national team?” and took photos and videos without any interference. There were fights over the training grounds, and although they were tightly controlled, no one took any action against the public viewing of the team’s training.

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