Frontline ‘Worries’ Are Ongoing…Infiltrate, Infiltrate, Infiltrate, Hwang Sun Hong Ho’s Attack Answer Is ‘Second Line’ After All

It’s all about penetration and movement.

Head coach Hwang Sun-hong’s Asian Games men’s football team defeated Kyrgyzstan 5-1 in the Round of 16 men’s football match at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games on Sunday at the Jinhua Sports Center in Zhejiang, China. The victory was not easy. Back-to-back goals from Baek Seung-ho and Jung Woo-young in the 11th and 12th minutes of the first half gave Korea the lead, but they conceded their first goal of the tournament in the 28th minute. They came back with three goals in the second half to secure the multi-goal victory.

Hwang took off Park Jae-yong and Jung Ho-yeon for Hong Hyun-seok and Cho Young-wook in the second half, and made another change in the 15th minute with Ko Young-joon replacing Lee Kang-in. The offense definitely came alive after that. At times, Cho played like an attacking midfielder, dropping down from the front line. He struggled to win possession, but his link-up play and off-the-ball movement stood out. He also showed some finishing ability.

The same goes for Ko Young-joon. Ko played more like a flanker on this day. He specializes in peeling off opponents with split-second moves. As soon as he came on, he created space with short passes. He was able to find the right space and move into it, becoming the lubricant of the offense. As a result, three more goals were scored after his introduction.카지노사이트

In the 30th minute of the second half, the ball was played in from inside the penalty box, and this time, midfielder Hong Hyun-seok ran in to finish. Hwangsun Hongho’s strength is in the second line. Long striker Park Jae-yong, who started the match, did not do much and was substituted after 45 minutes.

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