“Lee Kang-in was a special player”…Mallorca teammate hasn’t forgotten

Like Harry Kane, who has been called Son Heung-min’s “soul mate,” Lee Kang-in has a best friend.

Last season, Lee scored six goals and provided six assists for Mallorca in Spain, with half of the assists coming from Mallorca forward Vedad Murki (Kosovo).

Their last goal together came in the 36th round against Valencia. The ball was sent in by Lee Kang-in, and Murki leapt up to head it into the back of the net.

After the game, Mourinho posted a photo of himself and Lee on social media with the caption “My little burader!”. Literally, “burader” is a Korean word.

Mourinho hasn’t forgotten about Lee, who left Mallorca and his side for Paris Saint-Germain ahead of this season.

In an interview with Spain’s Cadenacer on Feb. 22 (KST), he spoke about the new signing while talking about Serge Darder.

“He can’t be compared to anyone here. He’s special. After the game against Cádiz, when asked ‘who was the best player’, I said ‘Lee Kang-in’. He has talent and potential. Everyone saw it last year, and now he’s in a great team,” he said. “Now Darder is playing in his place and he brings a lot to the team.”

Mallorca acquired Darder from Espanyol after letting go of Lee Kang-in, who was a key part of their offense last season. He has started three of the team’s five games and has one assist.카지노사이트

“When asked if Darder could be a similar player to Lee, Mourinho said, “I think it’s easier to play with Darder. I think it’s easier to play with Darder because I know when the ball is coming to me. Lee wasn’t like that, he cut and cut (the ball), he moved once, twice, three times, so the ball didn’t come and then when you didn’t expect it, it was in the center. Lee was a player who did that.”

When asked, “You must have played against him a lot in training,” he said, “Yeah. We talked a lot. The first thing I remember him saying was, ‘Don’t make too many cuts. “The first thing I remember him saying was, ‘Don’t make too many cuts, because if you pass one, I’ll already be moving. But it didn’t work out that way. Because he liked to dribble,” he recalls.

When Mourinho made the move in July, he said in an interview, “He was crazy last season. He deserves to go to Paris Saint-Germain. It was an honor to be with him,” and “I’m sure he will be one of the best players in the world next season.”

Lee arrived in Hangzhou on Nov. 21 via Incheon after the UEFA Champions League match against Borussia Dortmund on Nov. 20. He is expected to play in the third group game against Bahrain on Thursday.

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