Coach says, “He will be able to play tomorrow,” says Kim Ha-seong, who has ‘unexplained abdominal pain’, can reach 20-30? I have 10G left

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-seong missed three consecutive games due to abdominal pain.

Ha-seong Kim was excluded from the lineup for the home game against the Colorado Rockies held at Petco Park on the 20th (Korean time).

Before the game, San Diego coach Bob Melvin told local media, “I’m better today than I was yesterday. I think I’ll be able to play tomorrow.”

Ha-seong Kim was named in the starting lineup ahead of the away game against the Oakland Athletics on the 18th, but was excluded three hours before the game started after complaining of abdominal pain. At the time, Coach Melvin told local reporters that it was due to ‘abdominal pain.’

San Diego announced the results of the examination, saying, “Ha-Seong Kim, who was absent today due to abdominal pain, did not appear to have appendicitis. Other examinations are also necessary.” However, even after two days, he still has not been able to find out the cause of his stomach pain.

Ha-seong Kim remained on the bench the next day (19th) following the first game of the three-game home series against Colorado. However, since Coach Melvin announced that he will be able to play against Colorado on the 21st, it is expected that he will not be considered for listing on the injured list (IL).

San Diego used Xander Bogaerts at leadoff and Matthew Batton at second base on this day.

Coincidentally, San Diego continues to win even after Kim Ha-seong’s absence. If they win by this day, it will be their last 6 consecutive wins.토토사이트

When Coach Melvin rested Kim Ha-seong in the game against the LA Dodgers on the 13th, he said, “I was worried that something would happen every time Kim Ha-seong rolled around on the ground. He is not physically strong, but he plays hard with great passion and sincerity. That’s why I was worried.” It has been said.

That’s how much he is said to be a player the team cherishes.

Kim Ha-seong, who emerged as a starting infielder last year and appeared in 150 games, played in 143 games this season. He has already exceeded the required number of plate appearances and set career highs in almost all offensive categories, including batting average (0.265), hits (133), home runs (17), runs (81), stolen bases (36), walks (70), and OPS (0.764). I took a picture. If he adds 3 home runs, he will become the first Asian player to achieve 20 home runs and 30 stolen bases. Even if he starts on the 21st, it is unclear whether he will be able to do so in the remaining 10 games.

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