“Heung-min Son for the lower body”…the world’s best doubles player recognized

Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, considered one of the best midfielders in the world, has chosen Son Heung-min as part of his “perfect combination of footballers.

In Sky Sports’ “Perfect Combination” survey of English Premier League players on Friday (Aug. 15), Dubravljevic singled out Son’s lower body. Sky Sports asked Premier League players to create the “perfect soccer player combination” from three parts: the lower body, torso, and head.

“He’s perfectly bipedal and fast,” Dubrowski said of Son’s lower body.

Heung-min has a reputation as one of the world’s best two-footed players. Of his 106 Premier League goals, 59 have been scored with his right foot and 43 with his left.

In May, British Athletic called him “the Premier League’s most prolific two-footed scorer”. Former manager Antonio Conte once said he “asked him if he preferred to play with his right or left foot,” while former Tottenham and Netherlands international Van der Vaart said, “I don’t think even he knows which foot he’s on.”

The pair first met in the German Bundesliga. Heung-min played for Hamburg and Leverkusen, while Dubraviner played for Werder Bremen and Wolfsburg. In February 2015, the two players were caught on camera switching jerseys after a head-to-head match in the 22nd round of the Bundesliga.

The pair then moved to the English Premier League, with Dubravljevic joining Manchester City and Son Heung-min joining Tottenham. Heung-min and Dubravljevic showed their friendship by chatting after every game. There was even a scene in which he picked him up when he fell. The UK’s HITC covered the relationship, stating that “Dubravljevic and Son have a very deep friendship and often hug when Manchester City and Tottenham play each other”.

He went on to say that Dubravljevic has the body of Thomas Partey (Arsenal) and the head of Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool), making him a “perfect combination.바카라사이트

Son’s teammate, Heung-Min Son, stood out in the survey with his self-description. He said his lower body, body, and head were all his.

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