“If you don’t like it, find someone else” Klinsmann’s dignity is gone…Bentu comparison and public opinion consciousness? ‘Canceling the European trip and checking the K League first’

By Jin-hyuk Ban Reporter= Has Jürgen Klinsmann made a difference?

The South Korean national soccer team, led by Jürgen Klinsmann, won a 1-0 friendly against Saudi Arabia at St. James’ Park in Newcastle, England, at 1:30 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

It was a very important game for Klinsmann. It was a cliffhanger and needed to turn things around.

Klinsmann’s South Korea had been criticized for going five games without a win, with three draws and two losses, before facing Saudi Arabia.

It wasn’t just the results. It was also the content. There was no clear direction or color.

Critics pointed out that Klinsmann was not genuine.

Klinsmann was also criticized for his frequent travels and working from home during his time with the German and US national teams, and the same situation is repeating itself.

Klinsmann’s promise to “stay in Korea” has not been fulfilled. He spent most of his time in the U.S., where he has family, except for March and June, when he was at the A-match.

His frequent travels have not escaped criticism. Klinsmann’s main focus was not on the Korean national team.

By focusing on giving interviews to foreign media and attending the UEFA Champions League (UCL) group draw, Klinsmann has been criticized for being irresponsible as the head coach of the Korean national team.

In addition, his press conferences to announce players to the national team have been replaced by press releases, showing a lack of sincerity.

More recently, he gave a controversial interview in England.

In response to his frequent travels, Klinsmann said, “The only way to grow the Korean national team is for me to travel to Europe, talk to different people, and then come back and work again. If they don’t like it, they can find someone else,” he said, making comments that were difficult to understand.

In the midst of all the controversy, Klinsmann stepped back from the brink. In his first six games in charge, Klinsmann reported a victory against Saudi Arabia, winning one, drawing three and losing two.

However, fans are not happy. On the Korean Football Association’s social media, fans expressed their disappointment.

“How can you not be happy even if you win,” “I don’t feel good even though we won,” “It’s like a draw,” “We were beaten,” and “It’s a tight one.”

After the game against England, Klinsmann planned to stay in Europe.

Klinsmann was originally scheduled to attend a Bayern Munich game in the German Bundesliga and visit several European teams for meetings with officials.

However, there was a quick turnaround. According to the Korea Football Association, Klinsmann is scheduled to return to Korea on the afternoon of the 14th, and he plans to start checking on K League players first and then prepare to announce the October A match roster.

There is a sense that Klinsmann may be conscious of the cold public opinion.

Klinsmann’s team has been compared to Japan, a team that is no longer a rival due to their recent poor form and results.

The Japanese have recently won four straight A matches and proved they are the best team in Asia with a 4-1 thrashing of Germany and a 4-1 victory over Turkiye in Europe in September.

Japan’s results and cohesive organization and tactics have drawn comparisons to Klinsmann’s.

Klinsmann has also been compared to his predecessor at the helm of the South Korean national team, Paulo Bento.토토사이트

Ventura recently took over the reins of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after his contract with South Korea expired.

In his debut in charge of the UAE, Vento got off to a flying start with a 4-1 win over Costa Rica.

Despite his first win, there is a sense that Klinsmann is conscious of public opinion. It remains to be seen if he will simply cool things down.

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