“Dodgers could get Ohtani for less…” No more $600 million, no more $500 million? The consensus is ‘solid’

“Dodgers will still pursue Ohtani furiously.”

Shohei Ohtani (29, Los Angeles Angels), right ulnar ligament damage. The Angels have only announced that Ohtani is “pitching out” for the season. However, most American media outlets believe he will undergo another Tommy John surgery for the first time in five years after 2018.

And there is speculation about his price tag in free agency in 2023-2024. Based on the reactions and analyses of the American media, the $600 million + α has been completely eliminated. However, there are analyses that the value of the bat alone is more than $500 million, and there are observations that he will not get even $500 million if he cannot do Idoru. Some analysts believe that Ohtani will not give up Idoryu after all, and that the team that holds onto him will have to create a contract structure.

What’s interesting here is that regardless of the price tag, the “L.A. Dodgers are the favorites” theory remains strong. Ohtani’s preference for the West Coast and the needs of the Dodgers, who have been making moves to acquire him for years, are a match made in heaven.

As CBS Sports reported on Friday, “Ohtani should be done with the Angels. He was tired of not being on a playoff team and the Angels kept failing. This year was his chance to prove himself and he really didn’t get much help. The Dodgers are the easy and obvious favorites.”

The Dodgers aren’t the only big-market team in the mix for Ohtani, according to CBS Sports. It included the New York Yankees, Mets, Chicago Cubs, and White Sox, but considered them unlikely to land Ohtani. The Texas Rangers, Seattle Mariners, and San Diego Padres would be “serious bidders.토토사이트

“Ohtani was set to be the first $500 million player, but this injury could change that. He was going to get a lot of money thanks to Idoryu, but the injury could scare them away from offering him that much. As long as he’s healthy and good, the Dodgers will still be the obvious pursuers. They just might get him a little cheaper than they thought.”

That means the Dodger narrative hasn’t changed. It all comes down to how much the Dodgers value Ohtani, who will miss at least the next year after elbow surgery. If the Dodgers are still willing to offer him, it’s likely to be in excess of $500 million. Of course, MLB.com also reported earlier in the day that Ohtani’s chances of staying with the Angels have paradoxically increased, as he may want to utilize familiar Angels facilities if he needs to go through Tommy John rehab.

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