Ulsan laughed at the end of the penalty shootout… Defeated Seoul and won the U-15 Championship for the first time 

The Ulsan Hyundai (Hyundai Middle School) under 15 (U-15) team stood at the top.

Ulsan defeated FC Seoul (Osan Middle School) 4-2 in the final of the 2023 GROUND.NK League U-15 Championship held at Cheonan Sports Complex on the 21st and lifted the championship trophy. The U-14 team, who stayed in the runner-up the previous day, also shook off the regret. It is also the first time that Ulsan has won the U-15 Championship, which was newly established in 2018. The U-15 Championship held a full league without a tournament in 2019 and 2021, and was canceled in 2020 in the aftermath of a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Seoul, the first champion, tried to return to the top after 5 years, but had to be satisfied with the runner-up.

I made a lot of mistakes from the beginning, perhaps because of the pressure from the finals. Ulsan raised the defensive line high and at the same time used midfielder Park Hyeon-soo for the build-up by placing it between the two central defenders. He also harassed Seoul’s defense with strong pressure from the forefront.

Seoul maintained a good balance between offense and defense. When the opportunity came, he actively took on the challenge. Ulsan goalkeeper Choi Joo-ho made a clearing miss in the 23rd minute of the first half. Hwang Seung-min of Seoul was not greedy in the penalty box and gave it to Jung Hyeon-woong. Jung Hyeon-woong connected with a right-footed shot, but it came out after being hit by the Ulsan defender’s body. Seoul unleashed an attack centered on Jeong Hyeon-woong, the team’s highest scorer.

Ulsan scored the first goal in the third minute of the second half. Ahn Cheol-woo attacked Ryu Hye-seong’s cross from the right flank and shook the net with his left foot after attacking the space behind the defense. Seoul immediately replaced defender Kwon Young-woong. However, goalkeeper Lee Seo-joon made a series of misses during the build-up process and had difficulty changing the atmosphere. Instead, Seoul energized the attack by attacking both sides.

In Seoul, Jung Hyun-woong’s breakthrough gradually demonstrated its power. In the 17th minute of the second half, Jung Ha-Won’s header shot right in front of the goalkeeper, swallowing the disappointment. Afterwards, Seoul continued to use replacement cards to increase the offensive level. Eventually, just before the end of the second half, the score was tied. Hwang Seung-min’s cross was pushed in by Jung Ha-won, leading the game to overtime.토스카지노

Seoul, which gained momentum, took the lead even into overtime. I created several threatening scenes in the penalty box, but it did not lead to a goal. In the end, the match went to a penalty shootout. Ulsan’s number 1 kicker Park Hyeon-soo’s kick hit the crossbar. However, kickers 2 and 3 missed consecutively. Ulsan goalkeeper Choi Joo-ho read the direction perfectly. Ulsan finished the game with 4th kicker Ryu Hye-seong calmly succeeding.

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