FA Cup quarter-final postponed… Pohang-Jeju squad trains, chanting Pohang away fans stay until the end

The postponement of the Korean Football Association (FA) Cup quarter-final has changed everything.

Jeju United and Pohang Steelers were scheduled to meet in the FA Cup quarter-finals at Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 9th. However, the match was abruptly postponed just over an hour before kick-off due to the aftermath of Typhoon Kanun and strong concerns from local authorities.

Although the typhoon was expected to move north, the weather in Seogwipo, where the Jeju World Cup Stadium is located, was not too bad. The wind was blowing, but not enough to disrupt football. In addition, the wind intensity decreased over time. The rain was not a localised downpour, nor was it comparable to the rainy season, but Jeju Island made a strong request for a postponement. Eventually, all previous agreements were overturned and the game was postponed.

Even after the decision was made, the officials were not happy. By all accounts, the weather was perfect for the game to go ahead. Some officials even used the phrase “perfect football weather” to describe the conditions.

After the postponement was confirmed, the Jeju team signed autographs and took photos with the home fans before leaving the stadium. The same goes for the coaching staff, including head coach Nam Ki-il. They returned to the clubhouse to train. Jeju will play Suwon FC at home on the 12th for the 26th round of the league.

The same goes for Pohang. Pohang stayed at the Jeju World Cup Stadium and trained intensely. Due to the typhoon’s aftermath, it was unclear if they would be able to train the next day. The training session lasted about an hour, but the intensity exceeded expectations. The training sessions consisted of physical training, including sprints and mini-games. “It was like a training camp,” said the Pohang players.토스카지노

The Pohang fans at the FA Cup quarter-final were clearly upset. About 100 fans came to the stadium and barely left. They chanted players’ names and sang chants. There were calls for Jeju officials to be summoned and ‘anti-calls’. They even took a photo with the Pohang team as if it were a ‘victory group photo’. The Pohang fans reportedly stayed in the stadium even after the team had left and the Jeju front office had left.

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