‘15.2 billion liability that can’t be dried’ Refused to play despite side injury, coach told to stop “Rest now, later…”

Yang Ji (36-Dusan), who asked to play despite a side injury, was eventually dropped from the first team, taking two steps forward and one step back. He was so determined to play that he even tried to convince the head coach, but he decided to take a break for a bigger game.

Doosan head coach Lee Seung-yup made a surprise decision to remove catcher Yang Yang-ji from the first team roster before the game against Jamsil Samsung on April 8. The reason: a side injury. Yang had been feeling something wrong with his left side since last week. He was substituted at the end of the game against Jamsil KT on the 5th due to tonsillitis, and reportedly felt the first impact on his side while coughing, and felt a similar sensation again while swinging. As a result, he missed the Jamsil KT game on the 6th.

Eventually, his side became sore. On the 7th, Yang received the news that his left side was damaged by 1.8 centimeters. At first, the team avoided dropping him from the first team on the 7th, but the next day, the coaching staff, including head coach Lee, discussed the possibility of dropping him.

“The injury is 1.8 centimeters, so it’s not a serious condition, but if I make a mistake and get hurt again, I will have to undergo long-term rehabilitation for two to three months. I said I’d give it a try, but I decided to take him off the roster. If I push myself too hard now and tear it further, I might not be able to come back in time for the season,” he explained.

As the coach said, Yang Ji’s will to play was stronger than ever. He probably thought that if he rested until the morning of the 8th, he would recover. He remained on the first-team roster despite being declared injured on the seventh day, and only accepted the expungement on the eighth, when he traveled to Jamsil Stadium to check his side before training.

Yang’s sense of responsibility was strong enough to prevent him from playing. “He said he was going to play, so I stopped him. Of course, 1.8 centimeters is a small amount, but if it widens once more, it will be a big injury. If we don’t stop it now, it will be difficult for him to return in three weeks.” “It’s a big loss for the team, but we have no choice. It would be nice if he could play, but it’s not just a muscle soreness. He needs to rest now. We appreciate his desire to play,” he said sincerely.토토사이트

Doosan manager Kim Tae-ryong, who was also on the scene, said, “I didn’t leave Yang Ji off the roster on Monday because he said he would check his condition on Tuesday. Even though he said he could play, I didn’t let him play,” he said, recalling the difficult process of convincing him.

Despite the tear in his side, he still wanted to play for the team, which is why he waited until the eighth day to be removed from the first team instead of the seventh. This was the responsibility of a 15.2 billion won star player.

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