“That’s what makes me angry” Choi Won-kwon, Daegu FC manager who sent a strong reprimand—Why is he angry?

Daegu FC head coach Choi Won-kwon expressed his disappointment in a strong tone after the team’s unsuccessful bid for a victory against leaders Ulsan, especially criticizing the play of his foreign players.

In the 25th round of the Hana OneQ K League 1 2023 against Ulsan Hyundai on the evening of August 5 at DGB Daegu Bank Park, Daegu FC was looking to escape a second straight defeat against Ulsan and get a win that has eluded them in their last three matches, but the match ended in a 0-0 draw.

Ulsan, who have been the strongest team in the league, have 18 wins, three draws, and four losses this season.

Considering that only six teams in the league have managed to pick up a point against Ulsan, some might say that a goalless draw wasn’t bad enough, but Daegu’s performance left a lot to be desired.

In the official post-match press conference, Daegu head coach Choi Won-kwon expressed his disappointment in a stronger tone than usual.

First and foremost, Choi mentioned the disappointment of not being able to deliver the three points in front of a full house that came out in the intense heat, and while he thanked Oh Seung-hoon and other players for their hard work, he did not hide his frustration with the foreign attacking line.

“They get paid more than domestic players, so it’s natural for them to perform better,” he said of the foreigners who made up the bulk of the attacking lineup, which had scored just one goal in the last four matches before the Ulsan game. I’m angry about that,” he said, publicly signaling a strong reprimand.

In particular, regarding Vasellus, who missed a crucial chance in the second half, he pointed out that Daegu is not a team that creates many chances and said, “The strikers have to risk their lives to score from chances, but I don’t see any fighting spirit.”

“We will give them a chance, because we don’t have the offensive resources,” said Choi, who pointed out that it was unprofessional and predicted strong training for the upcoming match, adding his regrets about the lack of player resources.

Daegu had an ambitious offensive line this season, centered on Sejingya, with Edgar returning from injury and new foreign player Vassellus, but with Sejingya and Edgar not as good as they used to be, and Vassellus not living up to expectations, it has been pointed out as a limitation.

They rounded out their early foreign signings with five Brazilians, but with Serrato out of contract and Peña unable to join them, they brought in Beltula, also a Brazilian, in the summer transfer window, but he’s yet to be seen on the pitch.

With Beltula’s absence from the field after his spectacular induction ceremony, the utilization of available foreign resources has been left as a challenge for head coach Choi Won-kwon, while injuries and poor performances of existing foreign players have also been a source of strong resentment.토스카지노

Daegu’s lack of domestic signings has also been pointed out as a shortcoming in the team’s roster, and while foreign players are essential in a limited roster, it has been difficult to find a game this season where the team has been able to utilize foreign players on a regular basis.

Daegu’s characteristic of being weak in the summer months also means that the physical strength of the main members of the team is not broad enough.

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